About us

The National Mobile Payment Plc.

The National Mobile Payment Plc. is a fully state-owned joint stock company that has been established on October 15, 2012 on the basis of the Act CC of 2011 on the National Mobile Payment System.

The tasks and operating conditions of the National Mobile Payment Plc. are governed by the aforementioned Act and its implementation regulation, Government decree No. 356/2012. (XII. 13.).

Mission of the National Mobile Payment Plc.

In market and social terms, the National Mobile Payment Plc. is an innovative organization of the 21st century that as a state-owned coordinator provides public services in the field of technology and facilitates the uniform mobile payment system in Hungary.

National strategic goals and tasks of the National Mobile Payment Plc.

Facilitation of the uniform mobile payment of public services:

The most important task of the National Mobile Payment Plc. (in line with Act CC of 2011) is to provide simple, convenient, cost-effective and safe access for the public to Hungarian public services through mobile payment by establishing a high quality public service and mobile payment culture.

 Making mobile payment accessible for increasingly wider sections of the Hungarian public:

The strategic aim of the National Mobile Payment Plc. is to make available mobile payment of public services not only for the potential customers with a financial knowledge but motivate sections of the society as well, who are less skilled in finance, to use the mobile payment option. It endeavors to provide secondary motivation by involving resellers and integrating more and more public services, by exploiting the potentials of technological innovation, ensuring the interoperability of public services as well as targeting younger generations (and through them the Hungarian families).

Positioning mobile payment as realistic payment method in order to reduce the proportion of cash payments:

The National Mobile Payment Plc. shall not establish a need for mobile payment, but give an answer that satisfies primary and secondary motivations and assists the society and consequently facilitates the change of its financial culture, the application of mobile payment, the improvement of payment compliance and aims at future generations through young citizens.

Improvement and provision of mobile and electronic payment services connected to domestic public transport:

Through its developments and services, National Mobile Payment Plc. as a strategic partner of the National Automated Fare Collection Platform (NAFCP) facilitating its mobile and electronic payment services is able to contribute significantly to the provision of services for people using public transport services exemplary in Europe and to the successful development of interoperable solutions for the smart public transport systems of Hungary.

Development and provision of mobile payment services linked to the "Good State" concept:

In connection with subparagraph "extension of the electronic administration" of the Magyary Program, the National Mobile Payment Plc. identifies the development and introduction of electronic mobile payment public administration services as strategic tasks within the framework of the Public Administration and Public Service Mobile Payment Platform project.

The National Mobile Payment Plc. is the professional basis of IT innovation work related to the public services:

The field of professional activity of the National Mobile Payment Plc. is broader than just developing and implementing individual projects. In the course of the development activity it has and will establish close links to organizations providing IT support for public services, consequently in practice it operates as IT innovation platform facilitating a qualitative jump of public services.

The National Mobile Payment Plc. operates on the basis of a professional and business strategy developed and approved for the time period between 2014 and 2018.