E-Vignette FAQ

The e-vignette that can be bought via mobile payment and entitles its user to use public roads is valid for the express roads in Hungary.

To use roads in Hungary subject to a fee you have to obtain road usage rights, i.e. e-vignette. The fee category can be determined based on the data (permissible maximum weight, vehicle type) in the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Sections of the Hungarian public road network that can be used for certain fees are specified in decrees of the Ministry of National Development: decree No. 36/2007. (III. 26.) of the Ministry (GKM) on fees for using motorways, dual-carriageways and main roads and decree No. 37/2007. (III. 26.) of GKM on motorways, dual-carriageways and main roads to be used for certain fees.


 E-Vignettes can be bought with mobile application at the following resellers:

 Through the National Mobile Payment System and our resellers, weekly, monthly, annual regional and annual national e-vignettes can be purchased for the vehicle categories D1, D2, B2, and D1M. The resellers’ free mobile applications can be downloaded from the website https://app.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu.

 E-Vignettes can be bought via text message at the following resellers:


  If you have mobile web or web access, you can purchase e-Vignettes from the following resellers:


Instruction for Use for the customers of the National Mobile Payment Ltd.

 Buying e-vignettes via text messages 


10-days motorway vignette: Send a text message to +36 30 344 4807. 
Text message content: HETI LICENSE PLATE NUMBER COUNTRY CODE (for example: HETI ABC123 H)*

30-days motorwayvignette: Send a text message to +36 30 344 4807. 
Text message content: HAVI LICENSE PLATE NUMBER COUNTRY CODE (for example: HAVI ABC123 H)*

To purchase yearly freewayvignette, send a text message to phone number +36 30 344 4807. 
Content of the text message: 365 VEHICLE CATEGORY LICENCE PLATE NUMBER ENSIGN (example: 365 D2 ABC123 H)*

To purchase county freeway vignette, send a text message to phone number +36 30 344 4807! 
(example: for a passenger car for 8-9 persons or a utility vehicle below 3.5 t, in case of BÁCS KISKUN COUNTY: BACS D2 ABC123 H)*

* The vehicle type must be indicated in the text message; by default our system identifies the vehicle type as specified at registration. 
 The country code does not have to be entered if the vehicle is registered in Hungary. The country code must be specified for vehicles registered abroad!


  Buying E-Vignettes via mobile application 




E-Vignettes can be purchased even without registration, by bank card, using the mobile application which can be downloaded to smart phones free of charge.

The mobile parking application can be downloaded free of charge from the following website: https://app.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu.

   Buying E-Vignettes via WEB 

E-Vignettes can be purchased even without topping up your balance, by bank card on the website www.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu. Registration on the website is required!