FAQ about Mobile payment

What does mobile payment mean?

Mobile payment is a comfortable, quick and safe solution for paying the fees of different services (i.e. mobile parking, motorway stickers, Hu-Go road toll, etc.) with mobile phones. 

What are the advantages of mobile payment compared to cash payment?

There are many everyday situations when we do not have enough cash to pay the fee for certain services. Mobile payment with mobile phones helps us in such situations.

What services can be settled by mobile payment?

Since July 1, 2014 you can buy motorway stickers throughout Hungary and thanks to the National Mobile Payment System you can use the mobile parking service and the services of the Hu-Go mobile electronic road toll collection system.

How can I use the individual services with mobile payment?

Our services can be used with mobile phones of any type. If you have a smart phone we recommend that you get acquainted with the available applications that can help you use all of our services comfortably. Otherwise you can settle the cost of certain services with phone calls or sending a text message. If you wish to receive information about the latter options, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the services offered by our reseller partners and choose the service best suited to your needs. 

Is it relevant which mobile provider's customer I am if I wish to pay with my mobile phone?

All our customers using the mobile payment service have to pay the telecommunication fee, i.e. convenience fee to their own mobile service provider. In case of using the phone call, text messaging or mobile Internet application option, customer have to pay data connection and other fees to their own mobile service provider as well. The fees mentioned vary; therefore you can obtain more detailed information about the fees applying to you from your mobile service provider.

What does mobile payment cost?

For more information about the fees of services bought through the National Mobile Payment System see the menu items of the individual service fees at www.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu.

How are the payments settled?

Customers registering with the National Mobile Payment System can specify their preferred settlement method. If you are not registered with us your payments will be settled based on the contract entered into with your own mobile service provider.

Am I entitled to request a VAT invoice as a non-registered user?

Only our registered customers are entitled to request a VAT invoice for their mobile payments.

How can I request a VAT invoice as registered user?

Normally you can indicate that you require a VAT invoice when entering into the contractual relationship. If you failed to do so when entering into the contractual relationship, you can request a VAT invoice subsequently at our customer service.

How do I receive the VAT invoice as registered user?

Our system creates invoices before the 10th day of each month. You can specify how you would like to receive invoices when entering into the contractual relationship.

What does advance payment mean?

Our registered customers have the possibility to top up their account with a specific amount in advance that they can use to pay our services subject to mobile payment.

How can I top up my account?

Our registered customers can top up their accounts through online banking via our website or through bank transfer.

How can I top up my account via bank transfer?

You can transfer the required amount to the bank account no. 10300002-10583641-49020043 of the National Mobile Payment Ltd. held at MKB; in this case please indicate in the remarks field only the 9 characters of the account number you wish to top up. Please be aware that if you choose this top up option your payment will be processed within 2 working days by the system. 

For bank transfers from abroad please use the following bank details:

- IBAN: HU41 1030 0002 1058 3641 4902 0043


How can I inquire about my account balance?

Our customers can inquire about their account balance at our hotline, through our website after signing in to their user account or via the national mobile payment application that can be downloaded free of charge using their smartphones.

What changes can be expected regarding mobile parking and the payment of motorway stickers via mobile phones after the National Mobile Payment System is launched?

One of the priorities of the National Mobile Payment Ltd. is that the establishment of the National Mobile Payment System makes mobile payment for public services the simplest, most comfortable, safest and most cost efficient payment method for the public.

To achieve this we cooperate with the market participants of the Hungarian mobile payment industry so that the implementation of the system by July 1, 2014 brings only positive changes, especially regarding mobile parking and mobile payment of motorway stickers.

One of the changes is for example that parking areas will be extended and our customers will be able to pay for the use of any public parking lot via mobile payment or that the well known mobile parking problems will be solved due to the uniform system.

What justifies the introduction of the National Mobile Payment System?

Cash payment is replaced by bank card or mobile payment in more and more situations in life, consequently these changes occur regarding public services like public transport services as well.

Mobile payment is a realistic alternative in many situations and for numerous public services where this solution is simpler, easier and more feasible than card payment from a technological point of view. Mobile technology and the development of smartphones alone justifies that one of the pillars the replacement of cash payment for public services is based on is mobile payment.

Public coordination, the promotion of the different aspects of public interest and a uniform platform independent from individual market players, but at the same time able to cooperate with them, are essential for the use of mobile payment for public services: this is ensured by the National Mobile Payment System and that is why its implementation is justified.

Will the mobile payment become more expensive as a result of the implementation of the National Mobile Payment System?

The implementation of the National Mobile Payment System will affect the mobile payment of public services only. A strategic goal of the National Mobile Payment Ltd. is that the Hungarian public can use public services cost effectively via mobile payment; they will facilitate this together with future subcontractors and existing and future market participants of the mobile payment industry.