From July 1, 2013 an electronic road toll collection system has been introduced for certain sections of the Hungarian road network (motorways, dual carriageways and main roads) totaling 6,500 km where the road toll is based on the actual distance traveled.

The new system is in compliance with the technological requirements of the EU and is compatible with the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) (Act. LXVII of 2013 on the mileage-dependent toll payable for the use of motorways, dual carriageways and main roads). The mileage-dependent toll depends on the road category, the vehicle category and the vehicle's environmental category. 

The HU-GO system facilitates the collection of the toll necessary for the continuous development and safe operation of the public road system. The HU-GO road toll collection system follows the principle "users and polluters must pay", consequently the toll payable depends on the length of the roads used subject to road toll in Hungary and on the extent they pollute the environment. The mileage-dependent tolling increases the income from international transit traffic as well.

Comfort and safety

•    you can buy your ad hoc relational ticket comfortably, without queuing, quickly and easily, you can save your vehicle data and frequently used routes and thereby saving time and energy,
•    you can pay comfortably and safely using your bank card,
•    OTP Bank makes sure that your bank card data are safe,
•    relational tickets bought can be saved and retrieved at a later time.


The application can be downloaded free of charge to mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems. The Windows version is being developed presently.
The conditions of use are determined in the License Agreement for End Users. Supported operating systems: iOS 6.1, Android 2.3 or their later versions.